PRIESTESS IS A VERB, NOT A TITLE: COMING INTO YOUR OWN POWER AND BEING COMFORTABLE WITH IT – by Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD + Quotations from a friend

And it is so much on myself. Trough a lifetime.

The Sky Priestess: Dr Bairavee

priestesses draft

I wrote this in response to a post I saw earlier today. It struck a nerve, but it was a nerve I know tapped into some collective wound, which I – and all beings are enmeshed in. A wound that triggers deeply rooted attitudes of judgment and shame when one seeks to balance ‘being spiritual’ and ‘being powerful’.

The two are not mutually exclusive – a lesson that women, in particular, are beginning to remember at this time.. You are not egotistic if you let your power shine through you and if you are seen as powerful. By the same token – ego can come in even when you falsely pretend to be less than you are, or hide away from your birthright.

The original piece as a whole (which I commented on, which sparked this post) was beautiful and contained much wisdom. I focus on this aspect as it…

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