Triple Goddess

Triple Goddes ,

Here I be,

triple Goddes you make us free.

My Heart burns like the flame on the Vesta-Temple,

I feel your presence in the Mist, Stones and the Blood that boiling trough my veins.

My Arms and my Body are open to you,

Great Mother ,

Maiden, Mother, Crone,

you give us the Visions, that we shown.

You are Persephone , the Maiden of Spring

You are Cerridwen, Mother of the Cauldron ,

You are Hekate, Kali-Ma, Mother of all that Dies and shall rise again.

We are your Daughters, Sisters, Brothers and Sons,

At Full Moon Nights,

upon a hights,

we gatherd together to a living Circle,

we all your Incarnation.

In Blood, Sea and Sky , on the Mountains so high,

on the deepest of the Sea !

So mote it be )O(

by Veleda Alantia

(All Copyrights are mine , wenn du es teilen magst schreib mir auf FB ne Pn ;-))


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