New Moon/Neumond

Dark Mother,
you have your face valed.
The Moon is not to seen.
her Light is paled.
Dark are your Clothes,
your open your Mouth for Words of Wisdom,
for Words of Magic,
Words oh thruth.
You want decison,
not alone the high ambition.

Stare in your Cauldron of Reborn,
brew the Magic of all our Veins.
Your Gifts are bared in the cold earth,
the womb and the tomb.
Old Woman,
yours are the Graveyards, the Hounds and the Ancestors.
You are the End and the beginning.
You are Hekate, Black Annis , old Hag,
black and transformed.
Wisdom are in your Bones,
come to us,
come in our homes.

By Veleda Alantia


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