Offers to You

Ill knee for you,

Goddes of the triple Moon,

Lady of the Sea,

I have nothing in my hand.

I’am poor and sick,

but in my heart and soul,

I’am rich,

because I feel your presence.


holy Grail and Chalice.

Your’s the Love in Mankinds Heart,

and the Ravens on the battlefield.

Maiden, for you I sing my Song to the Woods.

Mother, when I cook on the Hearth, ill offer you my Love in Meal,

Crone, old wise, Ill feel your guide my way to devote you.

Black and White are your Face.

Bless all who are woundet and find the old Paths.

There are my Sisters and Brothers, the Healers of inner and outer World.

Bless our Work in the World, the daily Job and the inner to be your Druid, Priestess, Witch, Sister of Avalon, Priest(ess) of Apollo, Followers of Cerrunnos and Daughter of Isis and the kemetics, the Daughters and Sons of Danu, many are my Brothers and Sisters.

Please bless us in Wrote, in Art, in Work, in daily Life.

The Daily is the holy.

by Veleda Alantia


3 thoughts on “Offers to You

  1. altemagie says:

    Reblogged this on Alte Magie and commented:
    Total schön…

  2. steffistoige says:

    DAs ist wieder wunderschön…)O(

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