Lady of the Silver Wheel (Hunter’s Moon)


Your woven the Life of all,in your holy Plaid.
Your Song bound the Destiny of us all.
Muse of Women and men,
Dressed in Silver.
A Light shine from your and your Castle.
Hear the whispering,in silent moments.
Arianrhod,Star Women.

The Hunter comes from the darkness of the woods.
Your Thread leads you.
He is the Hunter and the Offer.
Brother,Husband,Father ,King ,crowned with Leaves and the Stagcrowne.
Blood is on his Heart,he dies…and be reborn in You.


You are the Light when all Lights and Hopes went out.
Weaver of Destiny.
Crone and Priestess.
Goddess and Mother in your own Right.
Weaver of Dreams,
Salmon of Deep.

By Veleda Alantia


3 thoughts on “Lady of the Silver Wheel (Hunter’s Moon)

  1. Napgyermek says:

    Huhu Liebes! 🙂

    Im Schutze der Nacht lasse ich Dir ein paar stille Grüsse da… Es war ruhig um mich, aber ich geniesse es nach wie vor hier in Deine zauberhafte, magische Welt eintauchen zu dürfen. Ich bin froh, dass es Dich gibt! Bleib so toll, wie Du bist. ❤

    Blessed be,

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sólveig says:

    Ich habe dich heute in meinem Blog mit dem “Liebster Award” nominiert 🙂 Nur so zur Info.

    Liked by 1 person

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