Keeper of the flame


I’am the spark of fire in the light,
The warmth within your heart.
Im not far away from you,
Take a breath and feel my warmth in your Body and Blood.

Remember that i’am with you when you lighting a candle or preparing your meal.

I’am by your Hearth and on your Altar.
I’am the Fordgedress ;Poetress .
The Church change me into a Saint.
But I will ever be what Iam.
Brigid ,the Holy Flame and Imbolc is my day.
Remember me ,Child.
And i’am there.

The Godess Brigid through Veleda Alantia (Foto by Veleda Alantia)


One thought on “Keeper of the flame

  1. Redhead~Witch says:

    ….. traumhaft magisch wie immer!!!!
    Blessed be Sis )O(
    Deine Tanja

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