The Craft 

Not in the Woods, theres a witch alone at home , 

also in the Citys with Fassads of Iron, glass and stone.

She brings wisdom, to wake up from the slumber, be what you born for , be no more a number.

Work the world wide web , find the soulfamily , grow ..step by step.

The Pentacle is a sign of a open mind. Sourroundet by the elements of which you be familar..wherever you live ,work and are.

The daily life, make it sacred. Invoke the love , banish the hate.

Goddess of the moon ,

Lady of the Mists and Lake ,

be by us which step we make.

Be by our side,

its there darkness on us , the holy adventure ,

or shine the Light of the Woodenking of us bright.

Make our Sight free and wild.

The Goddess of 333 ,

as I wish so mote it be 



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