To be a Priestess

Live you alone in your signs?

Is that what they see you behind?

The triple moon, the Mooncrown, Staff and Chalice, shimmering Pentacle?

Not as a glittering spectacel.

When you really found your Sign, its can be such as simple like a bracelett or a holy stone.

The Job of a Priestess, bring you to serve. To serve the connections, in daily live and ritual -actions.

You CAN be one of the most wellknown, but its not a must.

Grow in this quitly when you hear the call. 

Remember your a a daughter of the great Mystery that lies in Runes,flames water and stone.

Your a a vessel and a connection. A living between. Not alone at holy times.

When you work,



clean ,

go to the cemetry,

drive on in Bus,Train…



in all you do..

You are a daughter and a priestess in your Right. Be Proud of that but be not selfish.

The Balance is the the Key..

to be.



2 thoughts on “To be a Priestess

  1. Vetch says:

    I think diese Idee, definiert und anerkannt zu sein kommt aus der Matrix. Die brauchen wir nicht, diese Art Anerkennung. Wenn wir das loslassen, kann sich in dem geleerten Raum das Angemessene, Heilsame manifestieren. Also, dieses Begreifen reift grad in mir; danke für den Anstoß! =)

    Liked by 1 person

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