Isis (day)

I honor you, Queen,Sister ,Empress of the hidden Names,you are loved in the world of old and the new.

For many Years you call me home at your temple at the holy Island Philae. With the Scent of Incense,i welcome you,first Mother of the old.

The Wisdom you teach me is strength in loss.This is your offer,my love.

(Text&Pic by me )


Moment X

Moment X

Dancing through Shadow and Light.
In Allday my Soul will flight.
As a raven and a owl,
to find my inner Monastry and Goal.
To drink from the Water of Wisdom,
the roots deep in the Mother Earth.
My Heart is beside the chalice well of the goddess.

I sing to my ancestors in scent and song and dance.

Text&Pic by V.A.N.A (NB)

Silent Guardian

Silent Guardian,

in Oak,Ash and Willow Tree.Wherever I be,you hear my heart.Let the good flow in from the start.

Ravenwings and Owleyes carring me through hardest Times. (Pic and Text by me

Stiller Wächter,

in Eiche und Esche und Weidenbaum.Woimmer ich auch bin,hörst du mein Herz.Lass das gute vom Anfang fließen.

Rabenschwingen und Eulenaugen,tragen mich durch die härtesten Zeiten.


Entzünde,am inneren Tempellicht der Göttin,dieses Licht.

Sein Schein er bringe mir :

Die wandelbare Kraft des Feuers und des Wassers,

die Gaben der Luft,Weisheit der Knochen.

Von meinen Seelenorten Segen,möge ich sie im Alltag leben.

Schutz und Kraft von den Ahnen und Spirits,

von den ersten Eltern.

So sei es,es geschehe verborgen in Stille.

Lighting from the inner Tempelelight of the Goddess this Light.

His Shine will bring :

the transformitive Power of Water and Fire,the Gifts of Air,wisdom and inspiration of bones,

from my Soulhomes Blessings,that life in the alldaylive.

Protection and power by my ancestors and spirits,

from the first Parents,

so mote it be,it will be in silence. )0(

(all by V.A.N.A (NB))

AllDay XIII (english Version)

All days XIII

With sweet scent,

I honor and show my love and trust, where others look away.

Beloved goddess, mother, as owl and raven, as sea star, the Nahe.Du vielgesichtige. In your three colors, I honor and love you.

You, changeable god, king and son. Oak leaf and ivy, laurel wreath dancing on the deep airs of inspiration.

You only deserve my thanks

so that my ego drank from your depth and courage and strength to travel, to balance, to transform and to act.

Text and picture by V.A.N.A (NB