#31daysofwitchcraft (Alchemie,1)

Chalice Well Amulett von Avalon Schmuck


Ein schweres Wort das vieles beinhaltet.Stein zu Gold. Zeremonialmagie und Volksmagie.Zeremonien und Alltag.Frau und Mann (physisch und psychisch in unserer Seele).Göttin und Gott und das Kind als drittes.

Doch für mich wichtig ist es die Transformation.Das Berühren des Alltäglichen vom Heiligen in allem was ich tue.So kann ein kleiner Kerzenzauber,eine Tageskarte,die Beobachtung der Natur als tägliche Meditation,den Tag verändern. Verwandlung der Seele und des Seelenfluges ist ein anderer gelebter Aspekt.Ich brauch nur die Blätter am Baum ,der vor dem Fenster meiner Wohnung steht ansehen.


At this night, as my soul take flight, to the shores of my soul.Ill answer the call.

I please you,Goddess of all waters,rivers,wells,the water in our houses and tears,bring the lands the needfull rain,help to calm the heat and pain.

Lady beyound the Sea,Goddess without Borders,ill not give you orders,i just pray and sing for you.Shake my rattle.Around the world,we Sisters ,Priestesses,Witches,gathers.All chosen by you,in your own right.

Let our spells flows in the Seas abd rivers,be a bond over the Oceans.Connect we sing to you,Lady of the Sea,Star of the Seas and Mother of dephts.

So mote it be )0(

#worldwidewaterblessing by anwynn avalon(on FB and IG)

Prayer to Nementona

Lady of Shelter,Lady of Sanctuary,

Lady of groves ,Lady of All and of nothing.

Your Gift is the sacred space in all spaces we live.

Give us the Eyes to see it.The Sense to feel it.

Remember us to honoring all,who ever hear the unspoken call.

Your Totems may guide us.

Make our hearts as temple wide.

Wherever we may be,

what we may face,

remember that we can find you.


On a every Place.

So mote it be )0(

be a Priestess (reload)

Live you alone in your signs?
Is that what they see you behind?
The triple moon, the Mooncrown, Staff and Chalice, shimmering Pentacle?

Not as a glittering spectacel.
When you really found your Sign, its can be such as simple like a bracelett or a holy stone.

The Job of a Priestess, bring you to serve. To serve the connections, in daily live and ritual -actions.
You CAN be one of the most wellknown, but its not a must.
Grow in this quitly when you hear the call.
Remember your a a daughter of the great Mystery that lies in Runes,flames water and stone.
Your a a vessel and a connection. A living between. Not alone at holy times.
When you work,
clean ,
go to the cemetry,
drive on in Bus,Train…
in all you do..
You are a daughter and a priestess in your Right. Be Proud of that but be not selfish.
The Balance is the the Key..
to be.

Gebet an Hekate II

Goddess of the threefold Ways,

great Iniator of the Myst,

give us the memory of our magic back,

you sun in the Underworld,

Consort and and Friend of the Queen of Hades,

Giver of the Keys of wisdom and magic,

give us the courage to hear your in our Soul,

the guids to follow your paths in our lifes,

initiated us to our true selfs in your sisterhood,call us by the title and names you give us. Priestess,wise woman,great unknown of our psyche,Mother of the underworld.

Help us to live our lifes as Rememberance that all is connected.

real life Fandom Moment #drwho

Mein Freund und ich stehen diskutierend vor der englischen Buchsektion von Mayersche in Dortmund.

Im Regal seh ich ‘Time Lord Fairytales’ ein super schönes und edles Buch. Eine junge Frau,die vom aussehen nicht so wirklich in die Nerdecke passt greift danach und sagt ‘Das ist ein schönes Geburtstagsgeschenk’.

Daraus entwickelt sich ein zehnminütiges Nerdgespräch über selbstgenähte Schals,Cosplays und Lieblingsdoktoren.

Danke für diesen unglaublichen Alltagsmagiemoment ♡