thinner Veils

Can you feel? a distant touch. You cannot see. Is it real? Is it really there? Your sense are on and awake?. Will you run away? Move on?

You cant ignore the shiver. Adrenalin run through your veins. What was the shadow? A beast of the madest imagination..ore..a help needet soul?

Be brave now. The fear is real. Take off the veil of the mirror. There…stands someone behind you. 


Devotional Poem

I came to you,

with my fears,sorrow.

My inner brokeness.

I bend my knee to you,Lady of my Life.

I cleanse your veil.

One will fall…another i discover.

A new Face and name you shown me.

Many Veils you have.

Surface by surface with more deep.

You are the Key of a tripled Way.

I hear you voice…see you face.

You catch my heart and my trust.

Mother…Goddess…you may seemed tamed but you are a prisma of choices.

The ground,the Stones of my bones.

The water,my blood and my inner moon.

The air,guided by your Sons,Giver of Inspirations.

My Words are woven in Love to you.

am Schrein /by the Shrine

Verborgen in einen Wäldchen, am 

dreifachen Kreuzweg, steht verwunschen ein kleiner Schrein.

Lost in a little forest,by the crossroads three,standing a little Shrine of She.

Die Natur holt sich wieder was einst war sein.

The nature take back was former was hers.

Zenartiger Teich bewacht das magische Reich. Spiegelt den wahren Willen und das erkennen sogleich.

Zenlike a little pond guarded the magical realm. Show the true will at time.

Im Efeu des singenden Gottes verborgen ruht das Anlitz der Göttermutter, viel namig und gestaltig. Sanftes Lächeln an verblichener Farbe. Liebt sie dich für jede Gabe. Sei es ein liebender Gedanke,Kerze oder Räucherwerk.Sie ist es alle male wert.

In the Ivy of the singing God lies the Face of the goddess. A sweet smile on lost color. Loves you for every offering,Candle or insence. She is all that worth.

Honor / Ehren

Die Ahnen ehren.

Ich ehre alle Mütter.

Ich ehre alle Väter.

Wir sind eins in der Spirale hin zu den Ahnen..und den Göttern und den Göttinnen..begleitet von unseren Begleitern.


Honor the amcestors.

All my Mothers to the First Mother.

All my the First Father.

We are one on the spiral Path . Compaind by the Gods and Goddesses and our Companions.